A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Turnbased Roguelike buckaroo fantasy with mudfaced goons, mercury bubblegum, desert zoos, thorn forests, bricks, and more. 

Saw off your punt gun and sharpen the ol'e kalis, it's time to whoop some rectum in this spiritualized shoot'em'up.

Land of Strangers is a Roguelike rpg set in an open game world. The setting is loosely based on Western genres, interspersed with fantastic/speculative content. The game is a labor of love and a work in perpetual progress.

The current alpha release is not a finished game, but intended for testing a simple scenario, with plans for more features and content over time. Nonetheless, don't hesitate to try the game or leave comments of any kind.

If you are interested in the development of Land of Strangers, read more here.

Install instructions

On Windows or Linux, download and run the binary file. Users on deb-based Linuxes can download and install the software package instead. Others can run the game directly from source if they have Python 2.7 installed with the pygame extension. More details in the Readme provided with the archive.


Windows exe 15 MB
Linux deb 5 MB
Linux binary 30 MB
Python sources 5 MB

Development log


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